L.R. Pryor (lazarus_pryor) wrote in no_control,
L.R. Pryor


I did this about a year ago and decided to do it over again since my mood life has changed since then<----

Pick a singer or a band and answer, using only there song titles:

Bad Religion

  • Are you male or female? Automatic Man

  • Describe yourself: Infected

  • How do some people feel about you? Watch It Die

  • Been In Love? Hooray For Me

  • How do you feel about yourself? Unacceptable

  • Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend/interest ex: Better off Dead

  • Where would you rather be? Flat Earth Society

  • Describe what you want to be: Individual

  • Describe how you live: No Control

  • Describe how you love: Anasthesia (you have to listen to it, to understand)

  • Share a few words of wisdom: We're Only Gonna Die

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